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Empower Your Career Journey with DASK You’re Premier German Learning School

Welcome to DASK, your premier destination for mastering the German language! At DASK, we are committed to providing unparalleled language education, tailored to meet the unique needs of each student. Our comprehensive curriculum is designed to cultivate proficiency in speaking, reading, and writing German, ensuring a well-rounded linguistic experience. With experienced instructors dedicated to your success, you’ll immerse yourself in a dynamic learning environment that fosters rapid progress and fluency. Whether you’re a beginner or seeking to refine your language skills, DASK offers flexible class schedules and personalized instruction to accommodate your busy lifestyle. Join us at DASK and embark on a transformative journey to unlock the richness of the German language!


Dask provides students with variety of positive environment to learn at DASK we offer

  • Movie Nights
  • German cultural integration
  • Demo Interview prep of German employer and German embassy Interview
  • Native German teachers to polish German Language skills
  • Trips and Events

Why German Language is important ?

German language proficiency is crucial for individuals undertaking apprenticeships in Germany for several reasons:

1. Communication with Colleagues and Supervisors: In the workplace, apprentices need to communicate effectively with colleagues, supervisors, and clients. Proficiency in German allows apprentices to understand instructions, ask questions, and participate in discussions related to their training and tasks.

2. Understanding Training Materials: Apprenticeship programs often include theoretical components delivered through textbooks, manuals, and presentations. These materials are typically in German, requiring apprentices to comprehend written and spoken German to grasp key concepts and information.

3. Integration into Work Culture: Proficiency in the German language facilitates the integration of apprentices into the work culture and environment. It enables them to engage with their peers, understand workplace norms and practices, and build professional relationships.

4. Safety and Emergency Situations: In industrial settings, safety is paramount. Understanding German instructions, safety protocols, and emergency procedures is essential for apprentices to ensure their own safety and the safety of others in the workplace.

5. Access to Opportunities: Many job opportunities and career pathways in Germany require proficiency in the German language. By mastering the language during their apprenticeship, individuals enhance their prospects for future employment and advancement within the German labor market.

6. Compliance with Regulations: Some apprenticeship programs and vocational schools may have language proficiency requirements for admission. Demonstrating proficiency in German ensures compliance with these regulations and eligibility for participation in the program.

In summary, proficiency in the German language is essential for individuals undertaking apprenticeships in Germany to effectively communicate, understand training materials, integrate into the work culture, ensure safety, access opportunities, and comply with program requirements. It serves as a foundational skill that enhances the overall learning experience and sets apprentices up for success in their careers.

Our Faculty Members

Laaibah Naseer

Hey everyone, meet Laaibah Naseer! 🎉 She is a language enthusiast who completed her bachelor's in Modern Languages, specializing in German (equivalent to a Master's) and Spanish (equivalent to a Diploma). She's not only a language expert but also a passionate teacher. Laaibah has taught at NUML, The House of Knowledge, The Thinking School, and recently joined DASK (Deutsch Allianz Sprach kurs Zentrum), sponsored by EAVAP. Let's give a warm welcome to Laaibah and her exciting journey in language education! 🇩🇪😄

Asfand Yar Hayat

Hey everyone, meet Asfand Yar Hayat! 🎉 He's a language enthusiast with a Masters Degree in German and a diploma in Spanish. Asfand has a deep knowledge of literature, linguistics, and the history of literature, all focused on Germany. He's taught at several prestigious institutes and universities, including Numl, The Future School, House of Knowledge, International Islamic University, Fast, Hesox, and Roots Millennium. Asfand is a true language expert! Keep up the incredible work, Asfand! 🇩🇪😄 .

Kashif Rana

Hey everyone, meet Kashif Rana! 🎉 He's an amazing German language teacher in Pakistan since 2005. Kashif has even had the opportunity to accompany his students to Germany for a super fun summer camp. Plus, many of his students have gone on to do apprenticeship programs in Germany and have reached a B2 level in German. Way to go, Kashif! Keep spreading the love for the German language! 🇩🇪😄

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